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Give friends (and yourself) Airbnb Gift Cards to receive a ready welcome at unique places to stay in more than 190 nations worldwide. Why take a room in a one-size-fits-all corporate hotel, when with Airbnb you can stay in a Medieval castle in Europe or a private bungalow in Thailand? Airbnb is a trusted community where people list, discover and book a private room or a whole house in more than 34,000 cities for short or extended stays, for personal and business travel. Simply go to airbnb.com to find the perfect accommodations for you, book your stay, confirm and pay with the Airbnb Gift Card. Come see how Airbnb is creating a sense of belonging around the world.

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Cards are subject to Airbnb Gift Card Terms at www.airbnb.com/terms/gift_cards. Funds do not expire. No fees apply to purchase/activation of Card. Redeemable for merchandise and services on airbnb.com only. Cards can’t be redeemed for cash except as required by law. Not valid as payment on credit account or for gratuities. Treat this Card as cash; lost, stolen, or damaged Cards may be replaced at the Issuer’s election, if at all, only with Card purchase receipt and Card number, and then only for the Card’s remaining value. Issued by Airbnb Payments, Inc. For Card and balance info, call 1-855-424-7262 or visit airbnb.com. If your purchase exceeds the unused balance of the Card, you must pay the excess at the time of purchase using another payment method.

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